Q1. Is the cost of support materials included in the class fee?
Unfortunately, no. You will need to purchase textbooks, which cost approximately 6,000 yen, on average.  You may also find it useful to get a dictionary or other reference materials.
Q2. Due to my busy schedule, I might need to cancel a class or several classes.  How should I proceed?
All you have to do is let us know that you would like to cancel your class by 4pm on the day prior to your scheduled class. You can do this by e-mail or telephone.
Q3. I'd like to change instructors.  Is this possible?
Yes, of course. If you let us know the reason, it will be easier for us to assign a different instructor.  We will do our best to match you with an instructor that you feel comfortable learning with.
Q4. I know there are so many Japanese Language School in Tokyo. How does Interlink differ from other schools ?
Interlink has over 26 years of Japanese teaching experience.  Interlink has been accredited by the Ministry of Education for its research on Japanese Language Teaching Methods and Textbooks for business people and their spouse. Also, Interlink carries out thorough placement evaluations to determine your exact needs and skills; equal emphasis is given to the 4 basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing at all levels of competence.  This is one of Interlink's strong points.
Q5. What about teachers ? Can they speak English?
Most of them can speak basic English and are able to provide explanations in English when necessary.  However, Interlink teachers are trained to teach the Japanese only through Japanese; we think that English usage during the class should be limited.
Q6.  I would like to learn only spoken Japanese. I do not think it necessary to study Japanese alphabets.
You can learn only spoken Japanese but you may not be able to acquire proper pronunciation. How about learning only Hiragana? That could faclitate your progress.

FAQ - 外国語レッスンについて

質問1.  英語レッスンをグループクラスで習っております。でも、あまり上達しません。インターリンクでしたら何とかなりますか。
質問2.  スケジュールが固定制だと、なかなか継続が難しいと思いますが?
質問3. 講師や教授法について教えてください。また、他の英語学校で、日英の文構造(文法)を意識しなければならないと強く言われたのですが、理解はできるのですが、実際はなかなかうまく行きません。その点はどうですか。
質問4. 新入社員の英語能力の全般的な底上げと、海外赴任候補者の英語プレゼンテーション能力の向上を考えております。何か適切なプログラムは?