Interlink is a leader in the teaching of foreign Languages.  It specializes// teach practical Japanese to people interested in learning and improving their language skills. Eighteen years of teaching foreign languages  to the business and diplomatic communities. Our clients repeatedly choose us based on our rapid response and the high quality of our work, our ability to meet specific client requirements and our total commitment to client satisfaction.
> Interlink opened its doors as Atlas Foreign Language School in 1972.  It specialized in the teaching of foreign languages to foreign professionals.
> In 1987, Interlink's Japanese Division was granted authorization by the Ministry of Education and given a grant-in-aid in recognition of its achievements in teaching business people and its long-standing research into teaching methods. Interlink earned a second
> Interlink was awarded a second a grant-in-aid by the Ministry of Education in 1990 for the same reasons.
> Interlink Educational Systems is now cooperating with Cosmos International Japan to expand its business.

1990 Interlink became one of twenty-three Japanese schools among approximately five hundred given a grant-in aid by the Ministry of Education
1987 Interlink became one of fourteen Japanese schools among approximately six hundred recognized by the Ministry of Education for:
  -  Many years of teaching business people
-  Extensive teacher training program
-  Long-standing research in teaching methods
1986 Interlink implemented Cross-cultural Study Program (in both the English and Japanese Divisions)
1983 Moved from Harajuku to its current location in Akasaka
1982 School was named Interlink Educational Systems or Interlink School
1972  Atlas Foreign Language School was founded.
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