Foster an atmosphere free of worry, tension, and embarrassment from the very start of the learning process.
Help students relax, which in turn helps them progress at a steady pace.
Encourage students to share their experiences with their peers, thereby fostering greater understanding.
Students are encouraged to:
Start using Japanese right from the start.
Spend time outside of classes studying or practicing Japanese with acquaintances.
Classes are structured in the following way: 
  Explanation, Practice, Review.
  Although classes are conducted in Japanese, explanations may be provided in English to allow students to grasp the concepts explained.
  Emphasis is placed on how and why Japanese is used in specific situations
  Students are taught formal, common and colloquial Japanese to enable them to communicate in a wide range of settings.
   Standard Period (40 minutes)
25%   50%   25%
Understanding Practice Review
In the very early stages, explanations are provided in English, if necessary. Later on, classes are conducted in Japanese exclusively.
Understanding meaning and use of expressions.
Examples from real life situations.
Learning to use the expressions in real life situations.
Q&A for accuracy
Substitution Drill for accuracy
Role play for fluency & appropriateness.
Review of acquired skills conducted entirely in Japanese.